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Well done, you found us!

Here's the motherload, all songs recorded by the Moss Poles stretching back to the late 80's


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The Moss Poles formed in the late 80's and were essentially a three-piece band with Nick Potter and Sean Bergin as the core with a variety of drummers (and drum machines) over the years.

They met and formed in London and were quickly spotted by MCA records who then passed the group on to work with Idea Records as the development label for Warner-Chappell.  Jeff Chegwin was the publisher with Harry Barter as the Manager and Andrew Fryer the Producer of the band's various releases.  The band then moved over to Mayking Records.

The first single - One Summer - and first album - Shorn - created huge interest and led to a second single - Underground - and a third single and second album that were never released (Mayking went bust).

After constant gigs and a national tour the band in its original format fell away.

The band started recording again a few years ago in response to continued interest in their music.

We might be biased, but the songs just keep getting better, however judge for yourself!

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